USA Network is a satellite TV channel and also the basic cable of America, the owner of the network is NBC Universal Cable. The channel, which once was just a small network, has gradually gained popularity by its programs. The network also telecasts associated replays of former and current network TV series and featured films along with sports programs. According to the data of February 2015, almost 96.3 million households of US gets the availability of USA Network Channel Streaming which means approximately 82.8% households in US gets the chance to watch USA Network Channel.
Originally, USA Network was launched as Madison Square Garden Network in September 1977 and was created by Kay Koplovitz and UA-Columbia Cablevision. The network was among the first nationwide cable TV channels, which used satellite delivery in order to distribute its programs to the cable systems. The network started its broadcasting day after 05:00 PM on weekdays and 12:00 PM on weekends. The name of the channel got change on 9th April, 1980, after reorganization of the network's ownership structure under a combined operating agreement by the then MCA Inc. and UA-Columbia. During that fall, the network started to sign on at 12:00 PM on weekdays and also included some children's program and talk shows. At 05:00 PM on weekdays the sports programs started to on air whereas it on aired all day on weekends. USA started its daily programs at 06:00AM in the fall of 1981, with some children's programs and talk shows running until 12:00 PM, and also sports which on aired during weekends from 12:00 PM onwards. USA started to shift from its sports program and started to focus upon general entertainment programs, between the years 1984 and 1986, which also included drama series and cartoons. The Network started to operate as a HD broadcast feed that broadcasted in 1080i resolution format. This HD format was launched on 3rd October, 2007 and is now available to all the big cable providers.
The network debuted USA Up All Night which was a platform of the low-budget featured films that used to be on aired as a part of network's schedule of weekend overnight. Up All Night did become the cult favorite amongst the viewers but on 7th March, 1998, the program was stopped though the late night movie broadcasted on the network, continued to be branded under the banner of "Up All Night" until 2002. In addition to the network's original programs, USA also airs associated replays of the former and current network series like Law & Order and NCIS. USA also telecasts variety of featured films from the library of Universal Studios and also from other movie studios. Now you can watch USA Network Live Streaming and can enjoy your favorite shows through USA Network Live Streaming which is being offered on our website. We also offers our viewers to watch USA Network online whenever and wherever they want and can enjoy their spare time.