Fox News Channel also referred as Fox News, is a satellite news TV Channel and also the basic cable of America, the owner of the network is Fox Entertainment Group. According to the data of February 2015, almost 87,058,000 households of America gets the availability of FOX news channel streaming which means approximately 74.8% households in America gets the chance to watch FOX news channel. The network primarily telecast from the studios in New York City at Rockefeller Center. The network was founded by Rupert Murdoch (Australian-American media mogul) who hired Roger Ailes (former NBC executive) as the founding CEO of the channel. The channel was launched on 7th October, 1996, to almost 17 million subscribers. During the late 1990s and 2000s, the channel started to grew in order to become one of the US's dominant cable news network.
In May 1985, Rupert Murdoch, which was an Australian publisher, made an announcement that he and Marvin Davis have an intention to create a channel of independent stations as the 4th marketing force in order to compete with NBC, CBS and ABC by the purchase of 6 TV stations that had been owned by Metromedia. Before the formation of FNC, Murdoch gained the 24 hour news business experience when BSkyB (subsidiary of News Corporation) started the 1st, 24 hour news channel of Europe in UK in the year 1989. Murdoch made another announcement on 31st January, 1996 that News Corporation will be launching a new 24 hour news channel on cable systems as well as on satellite systems in US. In the month of February 1996, Murdoch asked Roger Ailes to start the FOX News Channel. Ailes claimed 14 hour workday of five months and also numerous weeks of rehearsal shows before the launch of the network on 7th October, 1996. At the network's debut almost 17 million households got the availability of FNC. During the 11th September, 2001 World Trade Center attacks, FOX News Channel was the very first news organization that ran a news ticker under the bottom of the screen in order to keep up with the flow of info on that day. That ticker remained and informed viewers about any additional news which the reporters might not mentioned on-screen.
The network provides a variety of programs, with almost 15 hours of live telecasting per day along with the programs and content for Fox Broadcasting Company. Most of the programs of the channel are broadcasted from the headquarters of Fox News which is located in New York City. The Channel has almost seven studios at the headquarters in New York City which are used for the programs; Studio B, Studio D, Studio E, Studio G, Studio H, Studio J and the Web Studio. The programs like; On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren, editions of America's News HQ and Special Report with Bret Baier are broadcasted from the Washington DC studio of FOX News. All the audio broadcasts of the network are being on aired on Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio. In the New York Times article of 11th October, 2009, Fox said that the hard-news programs of the channel runs from 09:00 AM to 04:00 Om and 06:00 PM to 08:00 Pm on the weekdays. Now you can watch FOX news Channel Live Streaming and can enjoy your favorite shows through FOX news Channel Live Streaming which is being offered on our website. We also offers our viewers to watch FOX news Channel online whenever and wherever they want and can enjoy their spare time.