The Fox Broadcasting Company mainly known as FOX Channel is commercial broadcast TV network of America and its owner is Fox Entertainment Group which is the division of the 21st Century Fox. The headquarters of the network is located in Los Angeles and it also have some additional offices and production facilities at Fox Television Centre in Los Angeles and Manhattan. FOX Channel is the 3rd largest major TV network worldwide. The network was launched on 9th October, 1986 in the form of a competitor to US's 3 longer-established TV networks i.e. NBC, ABC and CBS. From the year 2004-2012, the channel was the broadcast network with the highest ratings in the 18-49 demographic and during the 2007-2008 season, it also got the position of US's most-watched network in total viewership. The channel is available nationally and internationally hence millions of people gets the availability of FOX Channel Streaming and they gets the chance to watch FOX Channel.
In the month of October 1985, the 20th Century Fox made an announcement that it has an intention in order to form the 4th TV network that will compete with CBS, NBC and ABC. The planning was to use combination of former Metromedia stations and the Fox for producing and distributing programs. The network's organizational plans were held off till the acquisition of Metromedia cleared the regulatory hurdles. Later on, in December 1985, Rupert Murdoch agreed upon paying $325 million in order to acquire the remained equity in the Holdings of TCF Holdings by Marvin Davis (his original partner). On 9th October, 1986, FOX was launched in the evening. The network's inaugural program was "The Late Show", which was a late night talk show, and was hosted by Joan Rivers. On 5th April, 1987, the channel expanded its programs into prime time and inaugurated its Sunday night listing starting with the sitcom Married with children and comedy series The Tracey Ullman Show. On 11th July, the channel's schedule for Saturday night was rolled out along with the 2 hour movie premier of Werewolf.
According to the data of 2015, currently Fox provides 19 hours each week of its regularly scheduled network programs. The channel provides 15 hours of programs to its owned and affiliated stations from Monday to Saturday at 08:00 PM to 10:00 PM and at 07:00 PM to 10:00 PM on Sundays. The weekend daytime programs of the network mainly consists of block of paid programs, Weekend Marketplace and also the hour-long political discussion show on Sunday mornings. Classically on every Sunday night, FOX on airs a (unless preempted, usually by sports telecasts), Fox airs a list of programs incorporating its original adult animation series. The network's block of adult cartoons did become the network's staple which on aired from 1st May, 2005 to 14th September, 2014 under the brand Animation Domination, when the channel rebranded the block by the name of "Sunday Funday". Now you can watch FOX Channel Live Streaming and can enjoy your favorite shows through FOX Channel Live Streaming which is being offered on our website. We also offers our viewers to watch FOX Channel online whenever and wherever they want and can enjoy their spare time.