ESPN Inc. is the owner of ESPN2, it is a satellite TV network and the basic cable of America. ESPN2 is a combined venture of Hearst Corporation and Walt Disney Company. Initially it was formatted as a channel for the sports fans of young ages but in the late 1990s, this command was cut off because the network progressively started to serve as 2nd outlet of the mainstream sports coverage of ESPN. According to the data of February 2015, almost 94,379,000 households of US gets the availability of ESPN2 Channel streaming which means approximately 81.1% of the US's households gets a chance to watch ESPN2 Channel.
On 1st October, 1993, ESPN2 was launched at 07:30 PM (Eastern Time). The opening program of the channel was premiere of Sports Night which a sports news program and its anchors are Keith Olbermann and Suzy Kolber. ESPN2 launched having an estimated carriage of almost 10 million households, it had an aim to be the most youth-oriented and informal channel as compared to the parent channel ESPN hence it highly emphasized on programs appealing the demographic. The channel would be used also to showcase new experimental means of telecasting events and new technology. ESPN2 introduced a determined news ticker named "BottomLine", which used to display scores and sports news. Later on the BottomLine was adopted by the ESPN itself. During late 1990s, the ESPN2 started to serve as the secondary outlet of mainstream programming of ESPN and phased out its format of youth-oriented, its broadcasts started to adopt more conservative style. On 12th February, 2007, usage of ESPN2's branding was also reduced dramatically though for all the identification and branding purposes the name ESPN2 was retained but with ESPN logo all the future broadcasts were branded.
Sports events which used to be presented on ESPN2 were tended to be substitute sports such as billiards, poker, extreme sports, lumberjacking etc. but now in recent years, ESPN2 has started to telecast more conventional sporting events like the East-West Shrine Games, World Baseball Classic 2006, Major League Baseball, NCAA Basketball games, and many Major League Soccer games etc. ESPN2 also got the telecast rights in 2011, to late coverage for some of the American Le Mans Series events with major events of the series on aired on ABC. The network has also been become the home for tennis coverage of ESPN. The programs being featured on ESPN2 also includes U.S. based tournaments and ATP World Tour Finals. ESPN2 started to broadcast Major League Lacrosse games in 2003 and in March 2007, the league and the ESPN2 both agreed on a new telecast contract which will run until 2016 season. Now you can watch ESPN2 Live Streaming and can enjoy your favorite shows through ESPN2 Live Streaming which is being offered on our website. We also offers our viewers to watch ESPN2 online whenever and wherever they want and can enjoy their spare time.