The CW Television Channel is a broadcast TV network of America and is being operated by The CW Network, LLC which is a restricted liability combined venture of CBS Corporation and Warner Bros. Entertainment. The name CW is originated from all the first letters of the corporations i.e. CBS and Warner Bros. On 18th September, 2006, the channel was debuted. The first 2 nights of CW i.e. 18th and 19th September, 2006, premiered the replays and launch-related ceremonies. The CW network was launched on 20th September, 2006 along with 2 hour season premiere of America's Next Top Model. The program lineup of the channel targets towards the people of the age 18 - 34 years. Currently the channel runs its programs six days a week. The CW channel is available in many other countries also like Canada, Mexico etc. The CW Channel is available nationally hence millions of households can watch CW TV Channel and can enjoy the CW TV Channel streaming at their homes.
The CW Television Channel is a replacement to the United Paramount Network and The WB. Both of them started just as a Fox Network and began to uphold with the TV audiences of America. In the end of the first decade of being on aired, WB and UPN were at their decline unfortunately and were not able to reach towards the audience as they used to be so on 24th January, 2006 the executives of Time Warner and CBS announced that both of the networks will be shutting down respectively and resources will be combined in order to make a new broadcast to be named as The CW television Network which will feature the programs of its predecessor along with new programs made for the channel. The CW Channel was launched on 18th September, 2006 with a launch party in Burbank, California at Warner Bros. Studios after repeat of 7th Heaven's 10th season finale. The CW channel decided to use the forecasting model which has been utilized by The WB. On 1st September, 2006 (a week before the official launch of the channel), the new full version of the channel's website ( was launched which started to featuring the information about the programs more deeply.
The programs of CW channel targets towards the younger audiences just like CBS and The WB. According to the data of December, 2014, currently The CW provides regularly each week, 20 hours of scheduled network programs. From Monday to Friday, the channel provides almost 15 hours programming to its affiliated and owned stations. On the other hand, from Monday to Friday, an hours of programming in the form of a talk show named The Bill Cunningham Show is being offered by the network from 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM in every time zone. As per the data of 2014-2015 TV season, the only CW series which were carried out by the respective predecessors of the channel which continued to be on aired on the network were; America's Next Top Model and Supernatural. During the 2006-07 season, (for the Tuesday schedule of the channel) CW channel made an agreement with American Eagle Outfitters to get its aerie clothing line tie with the CW programs of night as a part of Content Wrap concept. In February 2007, this agreement was abridged into regular advertising. Now you can watch CW TV Live Streaming and can enjoy your favorite shows through CW TV Live Streaming which is being offered on our website. We also offers our viewers to watch CW TV online whenever and wherever they want and can enjoy their spare time.