CNN is the short form for Cable News Network. It is basically a satellite TV Channel along with an American basic cable. The owner of CNN is Turner Broadcasting System which is the division of Time Warner. It is a 24-hour cable news channel which was founded in 1980 by Ted turner, who is an American media owner. When the channel was launched it was the very first TV Channel which used to provide news coverage 24 hours a day and was also US's first all-news TV channel. The headquarters of CNN is located in Atlanta at CNN Centre which is used only for the weekend programs otherwise primarily CNN broadcasts from Time Warner Centre located in New York City. According to the data of August 2010, almost 100 million households gets the availability of CNN. Over 890,000 hotel rooms of America gets the broadcast coverage of CNN along with that throughout Canada carriage on satellite and cable providers. Internationally, the programs of CNN gets on aired by CNN International through which viewers in about 212 countries and areas can watch CNN Channel. As by the data collected in February 2015, almost 96,289,000 households of US gets the availability of CNN channel which means 82.7% households in US gets the chance to watch CNN Channel Streaming.
CNN Chanel was launched on 1st June, 1980 at 05:00 PM. At the launching ceremony of the network, the channel's most of the first 200 employees; including the news anchor of the channel Bernard Shaw, were hired by the executive vice president of CNN Burt Reinhardt. Since the time the channel was debuted, it kept on expanding its reach to many satellite and cable providers, some websites etc. CNN has more than 900 local stations which are affiliated and about 36 offices out of which 26 are international whereas 10 are domestic. On 1st January, 1982 CNN2 (A companion Channel) was launched which premiered 24 hour cycle of the 30 minutes news broadcasted. Later on CNN2 was renamed as CNN Headline News but it is known as HLN which is more focused upon coverage of live news complemented by programs based on personality during the primetime and the evening hours.
The morning programs of the network includes; Early Start which is a news program anchored by Christine Romans and John Berman, early morning. After that the program New Day gets on aired which is the morning show of the channel hosted by Alisyn Camerota, Michaela Pereira and Chris Cuomo. On 11th April, 2014, in the upfront presentation of the channel, it was announced officially that there will be a permanent shift to the factual programs in 09:000 PM which consists of exclusive programs like this is Life with Lisa, John Walsh's The Hunt, The Jesus Code (new documentary series) etc. You can now watch your favorite shows as our website is offering CNN Live Streaming so now you have a chance to watch CNN Live Streaming. Along with that you can enjoy your spare time and can easily watch CNN Online through our website.