The Cartoon Network channel is a channel of satellite television and is also the basic cable of America. Turner Broadcasting System, which is the division of the Time Warner, is the owner of the Cartoon Network Channel. Mostly animated programs like action and animated comedy etc. have been aired on the channel. On 1st October, 1992, the channel was launched and it was established by Betty Cohen. The channel mainly targets the children between the ages of 7-15. Along with adults and older teenagers by showing the mature content in Adult Swim which on airs from 08:00 PM to 06:00 AM and is focused upon adults or teens, it is treated as a separate identity by Nielsen for the sake of rating purposes. From February 2015, almost 96.4 million households in US got the availability of Cartoon Network Channel which means almost 82.8% families having televisions got the chance to watch Cartoon Network Channel and also to enjoy Cartoon Network Channel Streaming.
An announcement was made by Turner Broadcasting System on 18th February, 1992 that they are planning to launch an outlet named Cartoon Network of library of animation of Turner. On 1st October 1992, the channel was launched in an event named "Droopy's Guide to the Cartoon Network" in which the first ever cartoon was showed. The event was hosted by the cartoon character named Droopy of MGM. Cartoon Network was having a cartoon library of 8500-hour when the network was initially launched. Cartoon Network Channel was the first ever channel which was ran 24 hours having animation as the main theme of the channel. The Cartoon Network Channel was carried by only 233 cable systems when it was initially launched.
The Moxy show was the first exclusive show of Cartoon Network which was an animated anthology series and was first aired in 1993. In 1994 Cartoon Network produced its first series named as Space Ghost Coast to Coast. In 2001, three new series; Time Squad, Samurai Jack and Grim & Evil were presented by Cartoon Network. On 3rd July 2002, the first theatrical film named The Powerful Girls Movie, which was based upon the Cartoon Network series was released and critics generally gave positive reviews about it but unfortunately it wasn't successful on box office.
On 9th January 1996, the official website of Cartoon Network was registered and on 27th July 1998 it was officially launched. It also offers Cartoon Network Live Streaming. The website Cartoon Network Channel beat the website of its rival Nickelodeon with the help of unique users and they scored 2.12 million whereas the website of Nickelodeon scored 1.95 million. A data of Nielsen ratings showed in July 2007, that almost 77 minutes on average was spent by the visitors on the site after which the website was ranked at 26th position. Now many people can get a chance to watch Cartoon Network Online and nowadays many children also watch Cartoon Network Live Streaming. Cartoon Network channel has always entertained its viewers of every age and their main objective is to serve and entertain people so that they get to enjoy their spare time. To achieve their objective now Cartoon Network offers a lot of things like people can watch Cartoon Network Channel online, Cartoon Network is also offering lots of games online hence children or adults can now also enjoy playing games of their favorite characters. Our website is now providing Cartoon Network Channel Streaming and we offers the Cartoon Network Live Streaming so that people won't have to go to different websites in order to find it you can simply visit our website and can enjoy to watch Cartoon Network Live Streaming. You can also watch Cartoon Network Channel as we are offers you to watch Cartoon Network Online from our website so that you can watch your favorite shows whenever you want.