Bravo is formally known as Bravo media, LLC. It is a satellite and basic cable network as well as a flagship channel. NBC Universal owns Bravo and it was launched in the beginning of December, 1980. Its headquarters are located in New York City. In the beginning Bravo only focused on the area of films and fine arts, but it has now broadened its horizon and it broadcasts many reality TV series focused on females of middle ages, dramas and mainstream films. According to the data of February 2015, around 92, 2955,000 American people gets the availability of Bravo TV Channel Streaming which means almost 79.3% households in US gets a chance to watch Bravo TV Channel. Bravo initially dispatched as a business free premium channel on December 1, 1980. It was initially co-possessed by Cablevision's Rainbow Media division and Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment; the station asserted to be "the first TV administration committed to film and the live presentation of skills. In the year 2007, Bravo channel has started to broadcast in the 1080i HD format. This format is available to all main cable and satellite providers. Before Bravo started to broadcast in HD format, the present Universal HD did launch the network as Bravo HD+. This network had a totally different schedule than that of the main Bravo network and was only on airing those programs which were produced in HD format.
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