After gaining the initial success, AMC started to be carried on by many cable providers in 1987 and by the year 1989, almost 39 million people got the availability of AMC in US. On 1st October 1984, AMC was introduced to be the premium channel. At first it was operated as a combined project of Rainbow media and Telecommunications Inc. After that AMC started to operate on a schedule of 24-hour-a-day on 1st December 1990. Later on, after buying AMC's 50% stake, Rainbow Media Division of Cablevision became the majority holder. The next year,Time Warner also tried to get a part of stake of Liberty Media in any case in AMC.
In order to increase awareness of financing for the film preservation, AMC presented a festival known as Film Preservation Festival. The festival was been synchronized with Film Foundation founded by Martin Scorsese. In the festival, many rare and earlier lost films were presented, many of them were aired on Television for the very first time, accompanied byreports of behind-the-scenes about the mechanical and financial. During 1996, Mary Lee Brandy who was the keeper of the Museum of Modern Art called the Festival to be the most significant public event for the supporting film preservation. In 2003, bythe 10th anniversary of AMC, $2 million had been raised by the Festival from the general public.
During 1996-1998, the first new series aired by AMC was 'Remember WENN', which was about the radio station. Both the critics and the fans received the show very well but after the 4th season, it was shortly cancelled due to some management variations by the channel. The most popular program of AMC, which aired in the years 1998-2003, wasAmerican Pop. During 1990s, among many films which has been presented on AMC, the common films were released by Paramount Pictures. Many archetypal silent films have been showed in the channel.Bob Darian was the telecasts' regular hostlater on Gene Klavan and Nick Clooney also became one of the regular hosts of the channel.
Without any sort of commercial interruption, AMC kept on providing unedited and black n white films for its first 18 years of existence. The cable providers which upholds a carriage agreement by the channel paid the fees to the channel with the help of which the revenues of the channel came. AMC started to accept the integrating restricted commercial interruptions and traditional advertisements between the films in 1988.
Gradually after climbing the ladder of success step by step through so many years, now AMC has reached to such a standard that during the month of February of the year 2015, almost 94,832,000 families of US received AMC after subscribing for paying the television services which means almost 81.5% of the households of US having at least one television set got a chance to watch AMC Channel and AMC Channel Streaming.
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